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Costco Auto Program provides manufacturer partners multiple opportunities to collaborate on a regional and national scale with promotions on vehicle purchases, as well as parts, service and accessories. These opportunities help bring members closer to your brand by generating awareness and excitement about the products you offer.

Unique access to loyal Costco members

We provide you the opportunity to expose your brand to quality buyers who represent high-end demographics.The average household income of our Members is more than $119,000, and approximately 97.7% own a vehicle.

Conquest sales

Approximately half of the Members who purchased through our manufacturer promotions have stated that the exclusive Costco Member offer as part of the promotion was the deciding factor in their decision to purchase a specific vehicle versus a competing brand.

Brand and model awareness

Manufacturers participating in Costco Auto Program promotions see ongoing benefits. Past results have shown these promotions not only generate an increase in interest for the eligible vehicles but also all vehicles within the brand.

Partnership opportunities

We offer various opportunities for partnership and increase our marketing efforts across multiple print and online channels to gain Costco Member awareness, participation and conquest sales. Additionally, our specialists are prepared to provide member and dealer support throughout the offer period.

  • National opportunities
    60- to 90-day tier 1 promotions on select models allow manufacturers to reach Costco members on a national scale.
  • Regional opportunities – manufacturer incentive platform
    Our incentives platform allows manufacturers to micro-target Costco Members on a regional basis to better align with their own internal segment goals. Tier 2 partners determine the parameters, regions and offer details.
  • Accessories
    We are enhancing our research tools by working with manufacturers to showcase the top factory accessories for specific models on The member’s accessory selections will be sent to the dealership to boost accessory sales. Top accessories can be set at a regional or national level.

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